Japanese Maple series

Caveman Al holds a Japanese Maple
Al holds the Japanese Maple, #2.
Closeup view of the plant in the barrel
A closeup view of the plant in its barrel.
Two Japanese Maples shown from above
Japanese Maples #2 and #1 from above.
Copper wire is exposed to show how the branch is made
Exposed copper wire at the base of a maple branch.
A ruler shows the scale of the Japanese Maple
How the Japanese Maple #2 measures up...

This series featured a miniature Japanese Maple tree in a planter in a fall-open gift box. The Japanese Maple series is currently sold out.

Each sculpture contained from 355 to 360 leaves, created in 1/12th (1" = 1’) scale. The leaves were made of sheepskin vellum, and the planter pot was a turned piece of wood 1 ½" in diameter. The total sculpture was approximately 2" tall and took about 95 hours to complete.