The Laundwich Shop

The exterior of the Laundwich Shop resembles a giant sandwich
The Laundwich Shop from outside.
Slide 2
Waiting for the last spin cycle...
A naked patron patiently waits for his clothes to dry
He even washed the clothes on his back.
The deli in the back of the Laundwich Shop
The kitchen at the back of the shop.
The washers and dryers in the shop
Washer and dryer detail.
A beer cap demonstrates the scale of the seating in the deli
Scale of the kitchen seating.

“The Laundwich Shop” is a tabletop sculpture of a laundromat and eatery, done in 48th scale (1/4" = 1'). When picked up the overhead light turns on, and the viewer can see into the windows as if he or she was a peeping Tom.

Standing at washer number 2 is a nude man waiting for his laundry to be done. Beside him is his pack and bedroll. A lady is seated at a table in the front, eating and reading, not paying any attention to the unclothed man. A cart with her laundry is beside her and some folded towels are on the table. Another lady is standing by dryer number 10 screaming with her hands over her eyes.

The kitchen has all that one would find normally, with the addition of beer taps. If one peers into the woman's bathroom, one can see the sink and a towel dispenser in the mirror above the sink.

“The Laundwich Shop” took 307 hours to complete over a year and 8 months.