Dinner Under a Willow Tree

The miniature willow tree and its inhabitants.
The willow tree and its inhabitants.
Close-up view of the snake ready to dine on a rodent.
The snake: dinner for the eagle. The rodent: dinner for the snake.
The eagle sits in the highest branch, looking for his dinner
The eagle spies his dinner from above.
Close-up of just a few of the many hand-made leaves
Just a few of the 8080 hand cut leaves.

One of the most popular works in Caveman Al's gallery, “Dinner Under a Willow Tree” is miniature sculpture of a weeping willow tree in a bonsai pot. It got its name “Dinner,” because at the top of the tree, an eagle checks out his dinner: a green snake crawling over the root of the willow. The snake is also checking out his dinner, a rodent in her nest under the root of the tree.

This sculpture is in a sealed plexiglas case, 14" x 14" x 16" high. The tree is in a bonsai dish hand carved out of a chunk of walnut. There are 8080 hand-cut leaves and 505 leaf branches. It took 1009 hours to create, over 1 year and 4 months.