Monica Falls

The foundation-building process for the cliffs behind the falls
Building up the miniature sculpture's rock foundation.
The rocky wall before water is added
Slowly, rocks and moss are added to the structure
A mysterious cave at the left end of the sculpture
One waterfall is close to a mysterious cave.
Other waterfalls are added across the sculpture
Additional waterfalls are "built" across the sculpture.
Strands of vegetation grow on top
Strands of vegetation grow on top of the falls.
The completed sculpture hangs on Al's wall
The completed sculpture hangs on Al's wall.

Al got the idea for the Monica Falls miniature sculpture when his brother Neil sent him a picture of Iguazu Falls in Argentina. It reminded him of Wallace Falls up on Highway 2, where he and his daughter Monica went several times. Monica loved the cascading falls with a trail up the side. She had so much fun hiking the trail, Al just had to create it.

He started November 11, 2012, and finished November 19, 2015. He doesn't know how many hours he devoted to the small replica of the falls. The scale is 1/32 inch = 1 foot. If it were actual size, the falls would be 112 feet tall. It is 32 inches wide, 4-1/2 inches tall, and 6-1/4 inches deep. It fits on a table or hangs on the wall, and has a French cleat built on the back for hanging. It has lots of rocks, 17 water falls, 262 bushes, 79 trees, 109 ferns, a 6 foot bench, a naked lady on a blanket, and a cave with lots of eyes peering out.