No Dogs Allowed

The miniature sculpture No Dogs Allowed, within its case
"No Dogs Allowed" within its case.
A koi is about to eat a dragonfly in the pond
At the top, a dragonfly is about to become a koi lunch.
The naughty dog doing his naughty thing
The very naughty dog.
A closer look at the koi in the pond
Another look at the koi.
An overview of the entire small sculpture
Overview of the pond with dog in the background.

This sculpture is of a garden, complete with a koi pond with a water lily plant. It also includes an ornamental maple tree, ferns, rose bushes, a bunch of sparaxis iris, two formed juniper bushes, ivy growing on a round topiary support, a bench, koi fish in the pond (with a dragonfly about to be eaten), a water fall and a very naughty dog.

The creation is 13" x 14" and stands 6" tall, and housed in a clear "cake stand."  The scale is 16th (3/4" = 1'). 343.2 hours were needed to complete this sculpture.