Out To Lunch

Front view of Out to Lunch, in its case
The front view of the home/construction site.
Miniature roofing materials
Roofing work.
Looking down into the indoor pool on the first floor
Peering down into the house to reveal the indoor pool.
The exterior paint work is abandoned for lunch break
Paint work abandoned for lunch break.
The utility room, with a penny for scale
The utility room.
The upper floor is removable
The house with one layer of roof removed to reveal the first floor.

Another one of Caveman Al's miniature art spectacles, "Out to Lunch" is a sculpture of a house under construction. It is housed on a coffee table and can be taken apart to see the detail inside and out. The artwork itself was built in 48th scale, placed on a base 22" x 24," and is 10" high. The coffee table (stand) is 25-1/4" by 27 1/4" and 7-1/4" high. Adding the clear Plexiglas cover makes the total table 17-1/2" tall. All phases of construction are shown, and the viewer can see what goes into building a house.

The topmost roof can be removed to reveal the master bedroom, which is almost completed, with the rug is being laid. Stepping onto the inner balcony, one can see the pool one floor below. The roof on the main floor is also removable, showing the total main floor. At one corner are the children's bedrooms with a common bath serving the rec room and family room as well as the kids. The kitchen is small because the owner likes what she calls a "one butt" kitchen. Off the rec room is a staircase that was added when the owners decided that wanted the master bedroom on the second floor of a single floor plan. The master bedroom downstairs became a guest room with a shower that will serve the pool.

The pool is 10' at the widest spot and 22' is the longest dimension. Only 4' deep throughout, a hot tub adjoins. A large water heater in the garage heats the water for the pool. The pool is enclosed and separated from the house so humidity will not affect the house. Venting windows for the pool area are above, on the second floor.

The lower floor, less the poolroom, has 2520 sq. ft. The master bedroom has 720 sq. ft., while the poolroom is 480 sq. ft., and stands two floors. The total "under roof" square feet is 3720. This project took 8 years to complete with a total of 8137 hours.