The Picture Wall series

A picture wall with the customers book and poster collection
This wall featured a collection of books and monster movie posters.
Detail of the bookshelf
Here, in more detail, are the books.
Picture wall with lots of family photos and mementos
Another customer's wall is filled with family and vacation photos.
Caveman Al built a custom table for the family's photos
Here's the custom hall table created for this wall.
Another customer has a hallway full of kids' backpacks and school supplies
Another family wall filled with things the kids left behind...

The Picture Wall series was an evolving sculpture series in which every aspect of the layout was completely in the hands of the buyer. Each piece, based on an 8' by 17' wall, was scaled down to a 4-1/4" high, 9" wide and 2" deep sculpture, done in 1/2 inch = 1 foot scale, or 1/24th real size. The Picture Wall featured photos, art work, bookcase, fireplace, table, chairs or anything else chosen by the purchaser. The sculptures were designed to either sit on a shelf or hang on the wall. The price per was $250 and up, depending on the amount of detail requested. Each sculpture came with a unique Open Gift box.