Rhonda's Island

Al holds the formed island's floor
Al holds the piece that will make up the island's floor.
A penny shows the scale of the figures in the sculpture...including mermaids
Al built Rhonda's tiny Yamaha; the mermaids and Neil are on the penny.
Resin is poured and dried several times within a mold
The resin that makes up the sea is poured in several layers within a mold.
The sculpture from above showing the figures on the island, with guitar and book
Rhonda and Neil from above with indigenous flowers.
A mermaid underneath the water waves
A mermaid waves from beneath the waves.
The finished sculpture on its custom stand within its plexiglas case
The island, its case, and its stand.

“Rhonda's Island” was a commissioned project for Al's web designer and niece-in-law. Her payment for designing this site was this island. Built to her specifications, the island includes her chosen 44 fishes and mermaids, a tiny replica of her acoustic Yamaha, and of course her husband, Al's nephew Neil. The title of her island is “Que Sera, Sera,” shown on the tiny sign on the island.