Rock Island

The base of the island with rocks added
The rockery that makes up the base of the island.
The island is home to a Japanese Maple
Plants are added, like this Japanese Maple.
Ferns, moss, flowers, and foot-shaped stepping stones are added
Plant life and stepping stones come next.
The path lights are fully functional and replaceable
The fully-functioning path lights are easy to replace.
Detail of the clematis and its trellis
Detail of the clematis and the trellis it climbs.
Several lily pads line the foot path, which is made up of stepping stones shaped like feet
Lily pads along the footpath.
Fish are visible under the water from all sides of the small sculpture
Side view of the fish underwater.
The finished sculpture
Rock Island...complete!

The “Rock Island” sculpture is a scenic arboretum, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, and a 12" koi pond surrounding the garden. At the apex of the garden is a common area with goldfish pond and fountain cascading into the koi pond. The goldfish pond contains 43 goldfish, and the koi pond has 53 koi. A wide variety of plants and trees are spread all around the rocks and on the flats, with a rock bench overlooking the falls. An arbor with clematis arches over the bench, and a 'foot' bridge, (cast foot prints on piers) crosses the koi pond.

“Rock Island” is created in the 1/24th scale, (1/2 inch = 1 foot).