Tropical Island

One of the tropical island series from above
Overview of the tropical island.
You can choose the type of land you want for your tropical island
If you work with Al on your island, you have your choice of surface.
Detail of some of the many varieties of fish Al includes in a tropical island
Detail of the fish included. There are 44 creatures living in this sculpture!
One of the island mermaids on a dime, for scale
An island's mermaid reclines on a dime.
A tropical island and the gift box it comes in
The island with the case and box it comes in.

“Tropical Island” was an ongoing series, each in a 4” diameter “ocean” with a person, a palm tree, a sign reading anything the purchaser thought of, and about 40 tropical fish. The palm fronds are made of sheep skin (vellum) and the fish and person are made of marble dust in a secret sauce. Total time to create a Tropical Island is about 28 hours.

The “Ocean” stands alone on a platform as if it were cut out on the ocean with a cookie cutter, all toped off with a 4" diameter Plexiglas dome. The total height is about 4" tall. Each has its own fall-open gift box.