Walnut Manor

The ground floor blueprint for Walnut Manor
Ground floor blueprint for Walnut Manor.
The ground floor as it is built
The tiny foundation as Al has built it.
The outer garden and patio is detachable and filled with tiny stonework
The outer garden and patio stonework is added.
The blueprint for the inside of the first floor is superimposed over the garden pieces
The first floor blueprint.
The built first floor sits within the garden pieces
The built first floor is added.
The second floor blueprint superimposed over the house
The second floor blueprint, which includes the master bedroom.
The second floor, as it actually looks
The second floor as built.
A view across the top of the second floor, without its roof
A view across the second floor.
Detail of the outside landscaping
The garden from the outside.
The front door, with a beer cap for scale
The front door.

“Walnut Manor,” is a miniature sculpture of a house enclosed by a lush greenhouse, with a swimming pool in the middle, all encompassed in a hexagonal design. Built in 1/8-inch scale, or 1/96 real size, the sculpture is housed on a base 24 inches square. “Walnut Manor” is (of course) made with walnut wood and will be totally furnished, complete with clothes, books, plants and all the stuff of a common household.